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qwensy PLA Silk Filament for 3D Printing- Beautiful Metal-Like Finishing

qwensy PLA Silk Filament for 3D Printing- Beautiful Metal-Like Finishing

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qwensy PLA SIlk Series
Unique Metal-Like Finishing
Quality- Reliability- Sustainable

Crafted with pure raw materials and ROHS Certified, our filaments guarantee a safe and seamless printing experience. You can trust in the reliable quality of our product, ensuring consistent diameter to prevent any jamming or tangling issues that can hinder your creative process. qwensy 3D printing filament is the perfect choice for any 3D printing projects and with ready stock in Singapore, fast shipping is just a click away. Elevate your printing experience with qwensy Filaments today.

qwensy 3D Printing Filament is the solution for reliable, sustainable, and top-quality printing! Say goodbye to wasteful plastic spool holders that are thrown away once you finish your spool. Our filaments come with recyclable cardboard spool holders that help in reducing waste. And at the same time making your printing experience more sustainable than ever before.

Beautiful and unique metal-like finishing
Comes with recyclable cardboard spoolholders. Less waste. More Sustainable.
ROHS Certified for safe and seamless printing experience.
Reliable quality.
Consistent diameter to prevent jamming and tangling.
Vacuum-Packed for fresh filament anytime.
Compatible with wide-range of printers such as Creality CR-10, Ender 3, Ender 3v2, Prusa Mini, Prusa i3, Flashforge, Anycubic, Dremel, Ultimaker, Sindoh, and more….

Spool weight: 1kg
Diameter 1.75mm ±0.2mm
Recommended Print temperature: 190-220 deg C
Recommended bed temperature: 40-80 deg C
Packaging box size: 21x 21x 7.3 cm
Country of origin: China

Ready stock in Singapore
Orders ship by next day.

Refund is only if you receive wrong item or if item damaged.
No exchange.
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