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Heater Block V6. High Quality for 3D Printer with PT100 J-Head. SG Stock Fast Shipping

Heater Block V6. High Quality for 3D Printer with PT100 J-Head. SG Stock Fast Shipping

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Heater Block V6 for PT100 J-Head

Our heater blocks are engineered superior performance. Made from special high temperature materials suited for your printing applications. It’s easy to install and use, so you can start printing in no time. Select from the 3 materials most suitable for your needs: Copper, Brass or Aluminium.

*** Check compatibility with your printers before purchasing ***
Our Heater block can fit most open 3D printers from Prusa MK3 series, Creality Ender series, FlashForge etc

Material1 : Copper
Softening point: 500 deg.
Coupled with the much-increased thermal conductivity, these copper blocks are the ultimate choice for high temperature printing with materials like Carbon Fibre, while still working perfectly with the most common filaments like PLA, ABS or TPU. Additionally, the blocks have an advanced nickel based plating that considerably reduces the adhesion of plastic to the block, making it super easy to maintain and keeping things clean and shiny. Use these blocks with our copper nozzles for the best 3D printing experience.

Material2: Brass
Softening point: 500deg C
Coupled with the much-increased thermal conductivity, brass blocks are perfect for high temperature applications while working perfectly with everyday filaments like PLA, ABS or PETG. Brass performs flawlessly at high temperature as it better stores and conducts heats at the temperature as compared to aluminium block. In addition, the golden brass blocks look really beautiful when fitted to any 3D printer.

Material: Aluminium
Softening point: 350deg
Aluminium heater block is the most effective heater block we offer, capable of handling print job of up to 280 degC which is more than sufficient to print the most common materials PLA, ABS, PETG.

Size: 23mm*16mm*11.5mm
Fit V6 J-head Hotend Extruder
Compatible With: V6 Official Silicone Sock (use up to 300 deg)
Bore diameter for set screw: M3
Use Nozzle with M6 screw thread
Bore diameter for heating tube: 6mm
Bore diameter for thermocouple/thermistor: 3mm
Packing includes:
- Heaterblock V6 (1 pcs)

- Ready stock in Singapore
- Orders ship by next day.

- Refund is only if you receive wrong item or if item damaged.
- No exchange.

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