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How can you sell physical printed items of your 3D design easily?

Your 3D Design

If you have a 3D digital file that is interesting unique and you think it is 3D printable, you are well on your way to earn some cash!
Send the design to us for initial review and non-binding discussion (all copyrights and rights to the 3D digital file is guaranteed to still belong to you).

We Print

If your design is printable and marketable, we will then discuss with you how exactly you want the your design to be printed: the colour, materials, size, packaging and pricing. We'll test print several prototypes just to be sure.

We Fulfill Orders

The product will be listed on our site so buyers can browse and buy. To ensure a thriving marketplace, we will market and advertise the site in general and in some cases certain specific products.
When a buyer place an order, we will print the item, pack the item, ship out the item and handle returns when needed.

You Earn

For every item that's sold, you will receive a net earning of 35% from the listed price.
Money will be deposited to your preferred method at a set frequency. You can keep track of your sales via the Seller Dashboard anytime, so you know exactly how your products are performing.

3 steps to start selling with us

1. Register a Seller account

Use the form below to register to be a seller on our platform.

Fill up the initial details of your store to create an account. Account creation is free and there is no subscription fee or any other recurring fee.




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2. Add first product

Add your first product. All products listing will go through review process to ensure they are 3D printable.

Once review is successful, we will contact you to list the product with required details and attributes, such as colour, size, material and details. All products listing will be required to have pictures displaying the products from various angle, as well as sufficient descriptions that can entice buyers to purchase the products.

3. Start selling and earning

Live products will be available for purchase by all visitors to this site. Once product is purchased, we will process the payment, 3D print the product, prepare for shipment, fulfill the order as well as handle after sales care.

You can track the purchase status from Seller Dashboard. All proceeds will be credited to your preferred mode of payment at chosen frequency.


Pricing Structure

We truly recognize the value delivered by the 3D designers who have put down their creativity, expertise, time an effort into the design. The pricing structure reflects that. 

30% of list price.

This is our portion to cover the cost of printing the item which requires operating the latest 3D printing technology and all the supporting expertise.

20% of list price.

Marketing involves whole range of activities that ensure your unique products get discovered by the world and get purchased.


15% of list price

This will cover the packaging and fulfillment activities for the order. It also includes before- and after- sales customer care service to truly take the hassle out of you.

35% of list price.

This is the net amount that will be received by the design owners for every sales that is made. There is no other fees for designer. Easy peasy.