Unboxing and Assembling Ender 3 v2

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Assembling Ender 3 v2 is a rather straight forward process. The entire process from purchasing it from a Singapore retailer, unboxing, assembling and testing are not as complex as expected.

Ender 3 v2 is easily available in Singapore with many vendors selling it on shopping platform like Lazada or Shopee. The price is largely the same across the different vendors. After I made the purchase the order arrives quickly. It takes only about 2 days for the delivery.

I do not know what to expect how exactly a packaging for a 3D printer is going to look like. I am pleasantly surprised to find the printer packaged in one neat carton box when it arrives. The box size is not too big however it is heavier than expected.

Creality Ender 3 v2 Shipping Box

Once you open the box, you will see a black foam covering the contents. The first prominent part that came to view when that black foam is lifted is the printer bed. Other parts of the printer are safely tucked between the protective black foam.

Ender 3v2 Box Contents

All the parts need to be taken out slowly. If this is your first time dealing with 3D printer and if you don’t have any background in engineering like me, the parts look quite scary actually. It’s like you just don’t know if you will manage to assemble the 3D printer and get it work!

All parts shipped to make Ender 3

Fortunately the printer comes with English user/ assembly manual (at least the one that I purchased). I find the user manual is very good with clear instructions in proficient English. The parts have clear labels and match with the manual. So it is making the process easier.

User Manual is good with clear instructions

Once I familiarize myself with the parts and general steps, I proceed to assembling the parts. It is not very difficult. The entire assembly process takes about 7- 8 hours in 2 different sitting.

Print Base and Z-Axis set up
X-axis and Print Head set up
Connecting all the cables- and printer is ON!
And the printer is MOVING!

Assembling Ender 3 v2 from the kit is really not that difficult. I don’t have any engineering background. In conclusion, if I can assemble the printer successfully by just following the instructions manual, I am sure you can do the same!

To convince you that it is not too difficult a process, I record a time-lapse of the assembly process. Enjoy!

Assembling Ender3 v2: Day 1

Next step is to get the printer ready for first print!

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