Sunlu Resin Standard Colour 450nm 1kg in Spill-free bottle



Sunlu Resin – Standard

– Excellent Fluidity
– High Precision
– Wide Range of applications
– New anti-spill bottle.



Product Specifications:
Main Material: Resin Photoinitiator
Curing Wave Length: 405nm
Viscosity(25°C): 100-300cps
Liquid Density: 1.11-1.15g/m³
Solid Density: 1.15-1.22g/m³
Surface Hardness (Shore D): 80-85
Body Contraction: 7%-9%
Tensile Strength: 30-50mpa
Elongation at break: 5-15%
Bending strength: 25-45 Mpa
Bending modulus: 650-900 Mpa
Bottom exposure time: Color screen machine 20-80 second; black and white screen machine 10-60 second
Normal exposure time: Color Screen Machine 4-15 second; Black and White Screen Machine 2-4 second
Lifting distance: 6-10 mm
Lifting speed: 60-120 mm/min

Additional information

Weight N/A
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Dark Grey, Grey, Transparent, White


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