SUNLU PLA Filament for 3D Pens Refill. 1.75mm



Sunlu authentic PLA Filament for 3D Printing
– Quality is guaranteed.
– Premium print results.
– No jamming: Consistent diameter.
– No tangling: Neat winding.
– New pure raw materials only.
– No bubbles. Vacuum-packed.
– Safe to use. ROHS certified.

– All stock are ready in SG.
– Orders came in before 1pm, will be processed and mailed out same day.
– Orders came in after 1pm, will be mailed out next morning.

– Specially prepared for 3D Pens.
– Consistent diameter 1.75mm ±0.2mm
– Print temp: 205-220 deg C
– Packaging box size: 21x 21x 7.3 cm

Used with most well-known 3D pens. Now you can get Sunlu 3D pens from our store as well!

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Additional information

Weight N/A
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20 rolls. 10m each, 20 rolls. 5m each, 150sticks. 15cm each (in tube)


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