Is this just another 3D printing blog?

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This blog aims to give unvarnished first-person account of journey into 3D printing world. So hopefully it can help those who are still considering 3D printing to finally make the jump.

As such, I hope this blog can offer fresh perspective into 3D printing.

I have been hearing about 3D printing for quite sometime. However, I just took a very keen interest in the topic in mid 2020 in the middle of Covid-19 lockdown in Singapore. This was when went through a Digital Marketing course on Coursera.

From there, I became interested in 3D printing and started reading a lot of interesting materials, forum, articles and discussion board. I was intrigued enough to purchase my first 3D printer in early September.

3d printing for beginners
3D printing articles and hardware

There are tons of materials and discussions forum out there to get you started with your 3D printing journey. Similarly, there are also plenty of online stores selling all things for 3D printing. Nevertheless they are often fragmented and may not be very easy for beginners to navigate. It is especially so in Singapore where only few people have experienced 3D printing first-hand. The goal of this blog really is to be an accompaniment to 3D printing world- especially in Singapore and in the SEA region.

3D printing software

On top of exploring the experiences with 3D printing hardware, I will also explore the ‘software’ side of things. It is to walk through the journey from the moment vague ideas are translated into hand-drawn sketch then to digital CAD design. And finally when that CAD design is ‘sliced’ to something understandable by the printer to begin printing. It is a fascinating journey.

But it may seem like a daunting journey if your are coming from either side of bits or atoms. It may take time to learn and master and get used to. Nevertheless, everyone has to start from somewhere and hopefully this blog would be a good starting point for beginner like you and me to immerse in the world of 3D printing. Let’s get started by choosing first 3D printer!

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