First 3D Print Object: Hello World Key Chain

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Now that my Ender 3 v2 printer is set up and bed is level, and the .gcode file is ready, it is now time to get that file to the printer for first 3D print object! The easiest way is to save the file into microSD card via the converter that comes together with the printer. After that simply slot in the microSD card into the printer, and navigate to the file by using the LCD screen. Don’t forget to load the filament!

  1. Slot in the microSD card containing gcode file into the microSD slot on Ender3 v2. The slot can be found in front on the left side- next to the mini USB slot.
Slot in microSD card
Slot in the microSD card containing the .gcode file

2. Once the microSD card is in, navigate to ‘Print’ in the main menu. You can navigate by rotating the knob and select the menu by pressing the knob.

Main Menu
Select ‘Print’ in the main menu

3. Once you selected print, the next page will show you all the gcode files stored in the card. Simply rotate the knob to the file name and then select by pressing the knob. Then the printer will start the printing process.

Select gcode file
Then select Hello World .gcode file to start printing

Of course, do not forget to load the filament as Ender 3 v2 is not equipped by sensor to detect presence of filament.

load filament
Ensure you have loaded the filament

Here is a time lapse of my first 3d print.

First Print
First Print!

You can find further instructions on the official Creality page here.

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