Compilation of Interesting Prints by Ender3 v2

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I have been printing for over 2 months now (yes, this post is a bit lagging) since I assembled my first 3D printer. There are some interesting prints that I find quite memorable. Some are requested by friends and some by customers. Here are some of the highlights.

Braille song book

This is one of the most memorable and interesting prints that I had. I was commissioned by a customer who painstakingly designed the braille song book. The song book is intended to be used by visually handicapped students in a special school.

The song lyrics in braille is printed in a page. There are several songs in a book and therefore several pages. The pages are then bound together with another piece of plastic. You can see how it looks like below.

Some pages from the book
A page up close
A Machine Part

This print out looks simple. But it is my first encounter with designing and printing a prototpye that requires very exact measurement down to 0.1mm accuracy. The reliable Ender 3 v2 is up to the mark again delivering great results/

First Layer is done well
Looking good
Lego Technic Part

So I was assembling a Catamaran of Lego Technic series when I discovered one crucial piece is missing. After futile attempt to locate it, I decided to look if someone had posted the file on Thingiverse. Good thing it is there. So what I had to do was just to download the file and print it.

The printed part
Though small, this small part is crucial as it holds together the propeller of the ship model

I was looking for a thing to print when I come across this cute Pikachu model on Thingiverse. I ended up printing 2 versions of it- one in white and another in yellow as it looks really nice.

Pikachu in White

Printing Pikachu Time Lapse

Needed funnel in the kitchen and feeling lazy to shop for it. So I decided to download the file from Thingiverse and print it.

Printing Funnel Time Lapse
Whimsical White Rabbit

Again, feels like printing something decorative. So I went to Thingiverse and decided to print this rabbit which looks really cool!

White Rabbit

White Rabbit

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