3DBenchy to torture test print your 3D printer

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Now that you have leveled your Ender 3 v2 print bed and ran test print, what is the fastest way to know that the newly assembled printer is up to mark? There’s a so-called torture test for any 3D printer. It is a bit like standardized test like SAT or GCE Exam to see how well the printer perform relative to a defined standard. That test is in the form of printing 3DBenchy.

What is #3DBenchy?

It is a printable object in the shape of a small boat with various shapes that challenge a 3D printer. It’s got curves, circles, rectangles, triangles, overhanging parts, small parts, sloping parts and some wordings at the bottom. The boat is of reasonable size too at 60mm x 31mm x 48mm at its widest points. As such, it can be printed at about 2 hours if using PLA at standard settings.

So if your printer can print this well, it would probably mean the printer is well calibrated and can print other designs well too.

How to get 3DBenchy file?

You can get it from 3DBenchy website or from Thingiverse or you can just download the stl here.

Once downloaded, open the .stl file with your Slicing program. Put it the settings, then export the .gcode.

How does Ender 3 v2 fare?

I would say Ender 3 v2 can handle 3DBenchy very well! It is above my expectations that the print out turns out quite well. Using standard Cura settings, it prints quite nicely as below.

Unprocessed 3DBenchy straight out of Ender 3 v2
3DBench unprocessed. Looking quite good already actually!
Looking really good!

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